Sarawakian Boleh Bah

Some days just past by and some days are unforgettable. We can't choose the reason why. But we can choose what to do from the day after.

This is what happen when you play with kucing yg nakal gila babeng… ._.
Hahahahhahahahahh!!! Omg! Give this man a medal!! xD
New model: Sony Xperia Crack
Rupa rupanya benda ni ada dlm bilik aku… Baru arini jumpa… =.=
#PERTEKMA 13/14 are awesome!!!
This is hopeless.. ._.

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Abnormal lol
Lama dah tak ngap kau
Lai lai donut_empuk_mcm_bantal satu lai lai… XD
Semadi dipaksa lecturer, kalau tak, jng harap nak dtg….
8 jun lak kita jumpa gik. Bye sis.
I don’t always selfie, but when I do…..